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How to Maintain Healthy Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips You Love!


By Dr Meenakshi Jagwani , Dermatology

  1. Your hair must be protected against the UV rays of the sun and pollution: Both can have a harmful effect on the color, strength, and texture of your hair. While you protect your facial skin from the sun and dust, it is also important to cover your hair while going out. Tying your hair or covering with a scarf or cap will be a boon to your hair.
  2. Apply castor oil at least once in a week: It pampers the dry hair. It is hassle-free and a tested route to healthy hair.
  3. Don’t be too rough with your hair: Many people tend to dry or brush their hair with extra force and vigor. This is a wrong practice as it rids your scalp of essential oils and might even make hair break unnecessarily. Hair needs gentle care. Tying up one’s hair too tightly is again a bad thing; it results in a receding hairline also making the strands break.
  4. Air- drying is always the best way: People are generally in a hurry to leave after having washed their scalps; they, therefore, use hair dryers. Direct heat is never good for the health of your hair. One should try to take out time to air- dry their hair in order to keep it in a positive condition.
  5. Do not try to comb or brush wet hair: Wet hair is very brittle and breaks easily. Allow the hair to dry before combing or brushing.

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