Gaining Weight When You Need To Know For Your Health?

how to gain weight when you need

Do you need to gain weight? Have you ever wondered there has been a lot of information available on losing weight swarming the TV and the Internet but hardly anything informative on the need to gain weight for better health? Some people find ‘gaining weight’ a problem, and are hard to find. Such individuals fight one of the toughest battles in their lifetimes when it comes to gaining weight for better health. Being underweight is depressing for sure! Gaining weight for better health not only helps an individual look better, but it also makes them happier and confident about their body.

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For all those who are just unhappy about being skinny and need to gain weight for better health, below are some vital ways that can help them become curvy.

Losing Weight Or Gaining Weight

First and foremost, you must know that trying to gain weight can be as depressing as losing those extra pounds. When you get to know that you need to gain weight for better health, do it by learning about your body. Start working on your eating habits. Ensure to do it healthily. You perhaps are not good when it comes to making healthy choices of food. You may be a ‘junk food’ freak; this does not let you gain weight in a ‘healthy’ way. It is imperative to learn the correct way to do it, though; it is not easy especially when you love having junk all the time.

Consult A Nutritionist

The most crucial aspect for all those who are on a quest to gain weight is to consult a nutritionist. Seeing one helps rule out any medical issues that you perhaps have which are inhibiting you from gaining weight. Nevertheless, if you are medically fit, it comes down to consuming more calories than you are burning up daily. It can be tough to eat when you do not feel hungry at all, but this is perhaps one of the biggest issues that you are taking proper meals. Your genetics play a vital role here. If your parents are thin, there is a high probability that you will also have a thin body structure. However, there is support for most people who are underweight. Start eating right!

What Foods to Eat for gaining weight?

Focus on the foods that are high in calories, so that you need to gain weight for your health. Fast food, sodas, candies, ice cream, potato chips, and cookies have lots of calories in one serving, but this is not the kind of food you should consume to gain weight. It comprises saturated, Trans fats, and refined sugar with minimum nutritional value. This is the last approach you would try to put on weight but in the process, you may develop high cholesterol, blood pressure, and clogged arteries. Healthier, high-calorie options include:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts and dried foods
  • Whole wheat flour foods such as cereals, bread, pasta, rice
  • Potatoes
  • Add honey, jam, and peanut butter to your daily food regime
  • Peas, corn, and beans
  • Cook food using canola and olive oil. These oils provide healthy fats but remember the fat has 9 calories per gram – do not overdo it!
  • Drink nutritional supplements such as Ensure and Boost between meals
  • Eat fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, tuna, and salmon
  • Opt for low-fat milk in soups and cereal instead of water
  • Drink organic juices
  • Consume powdered milk
  • Add low-fat cheese to your meals
  • Eat dessert after meals including yogurt cups with fruits, or fruit topped with nuts, etc.
Foods to Eat

Do Not Skip Meals!

Ensure to eat more during the day by increasing the portion sizes. Do not skip meals; you need those extra calories to gain weight for better health. Stay consistent with your improved and healthy eating habits. If you can manage, do take healthy snacks between meals to add up more calories. Workouts such as weight lifting can help increase muscle size and stimulates your appetite. Excessive cardio, on the other hand, will only shed pounds that you are already trying to gain.

In case everything fails, consult your physician. It is important to discuss what other options do you have here. If your physician determines that you are underweight as per the health standards, opt for stimulants to boost your appetite. Remember! Only a professional physician can make this call!