How To Exercise Safely in The Summer Heat? 10 Best Tips.

How to Exercise in the Heat? Manage It Well By Following Vital Guidelines

Working out regularly helps keep your body fit and healthy.  It helps maintain great health all the time. While this is a fact, exercising during summer heat may wear you down physically. Hence, it is vital to understand how to exercise safely in the summer heat, what effect hot temperatures can have on your body, and what precautions should be followed while working out.

Wear Sun glasses

The human body goes through various processes to keep the temperature moderate while exercising. Being warm-blooded, the body generates heat, as well as, absorbs heat from the atmosphere. Needless to mention, the scorching summer exposes everyone to a lot of natural heat. Hence, the outside atmosphere along with the heat that the human body generates increases the entire body temperature while working out. The heart plays a vital role as it pumps blood to the muscles. Furthermore, it also pushes blood to the surface of the skin which helps it to cool down. Although the heart deals with a lot of stress during a workout, slight intensification in the body temperature makes it beat faster, which is generally 10 beats per minute. This depicts that the heart works harder while an individual is working out, particularly when the outdoor temperature is warm.

With that being stated, it is crucial to take certain guidelines in mind while exercising in hot weather to avoid overtaxing the heart. Below are the best ways that can help an individual workout in peace despite the scorching summer heat:

Learn About Your Body

It is important to know about your body conditions before planning a workout session. If you are prone to heat exhaustion or sunstroke, it is highly recommended to consider a physician beforehand and follow the vital guidelines.

Wear Appropriate Clothes in the summer heat

Make sure to wear loose-fitting cotton attire which is just perfect for workouts during summer. The right outfit can help with sweat evaporation, aiding the body to cool down.

Try Working out When The Outside Temperature is Relatively Cooler

The best time for a workout freak is to start early mornings or late evenings during the summer. This is because, at these hours, the temperature is rather cooler than midday.

Working out

Warm-ups and Cool-down

Make sure to start your workout with a proper warm-up session and wrap up with a cool-down period. Warming up the body before the exercise prepares it well for the workout session. The cool-down period helps the heart rate return to normal quickly.

Take It Slow

If you have recently started your workout routine, you should take it slow. A slow-paced workout with frequent breaks is highly recommended for beginners. This helps the body adapt to the new routine. They may consider increasing the intensity after a few weeks.

Monitor The summer Heart Rate

It is best to monitor the heart rate while working out, and ensure it stays within the recommended range. If it does not, immediately slow down the workout pace.

Check The Humidity Levels

This aspect adds to the danger of a warm environment. Ensure to determine the temperature and humidity level every time you start with your exercise routine. Always remember, high humidity levels add to poor conditions, making the weather even hotter.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep a water bottle with you on these hot summer days. You will be losing a lot of water via sweating as the temperature rises. Ensure to drink at least 12 ounces of water 30 minutes before commencing your workout session. Consuming additional 10 ounces after 30 minutes of workout helps keep an individual hydrated. If you plan on having a vigorous workout, which lasts more than an hour, a sports drink with potassium and sodium will help justify the loss of electrolytes.

Use Sunscreen In The Heat

Using the best sunscreen while working out in the heat helps avoid any skin reactions caused due to direct sun exposure.

Eat Less

Many people who are accustomed to healthy eating prefer taking smaller frequent meals throughout the day. During the hottest summer days, it is best to spread the meals more frequently but in less quantity. Eating a lot also increases the body temperature, probing the risk of falling ill, eventually being dehydrated.

Go Swimming

Swimming is one of the best workouts that keep the body cool during summer.

Stay Indoors And Do Exercises

If you are not comfortable exercising outdoors, it is best to stay indoors. Enrolling in a gym offers remarkable opportunities for doing a complete workout while staying indoors.

Numerous other tips can help you stay safe while exercising in hot weather. Ensure to exercise in a properly ventilated room or in an air-conditioned gym. Following these above-mentioned guidelines can help you stay safe and protected all the time!